Toy Joy Playpal Tango Black Anus

For a lot of men whether straight or gay; the only holes that does the magic for them is the rear hole or to call it by a more appropriate title; the anus. While the straight men just crave the occasional bang which is more like a road less taken; and as a result refreshingly new, the gay ones are permanently hooked, and can’t just do without enjoying a good anal sex. And with this awesome sleeve; you’ll enjoy premium quality anal masturbation and the best part is you won’t even realize you were fucking a toy. is designed as a black colored masturbation cup; the outer part has a ridged round body with a screw cap that keeps the inner sleeve contained within. You will have to unscrew the cap to reveal the soft textured flesh-like sleeve; the sleeve is designed in the exact shape and form of a real anus with a cleft, a concave shape, and a small rounded stretchy hole in the center just like a real anal orifice. The inner wall of the sleeve is extremely stretchy and provides a really tight grip around the shaft, while the textured massage nubs stroke and tease your cock head, shaft and base to bring you to the brink of orgasm in no time. To use this masturbator; simply remove the cover to expose the textured masturbation sleeve; then lubricate the sleeve and your dick generously, when you’ve done that; you can slide your erect member into the cup and get wobbly in the knees from sheer ecstasy. The sleeve is really stretchy and can hold different penis sizes. At the bottom of the cup is a detachable base designed to make cleaning extremely convenient, to clean the playpal tango, you’ll need just hot soapy water or a good anti-bacterial toy cleaner, after washing; clean and air-dry properly before storing. The realistically soft and super stretchy textured inner sleeve combined with the arousing tight grip will transport you to unnatural heights of climactic release.