The Digital Native Millennials

The Millennial, who is anyone born after 1982, is a big consumer of tech products. It is this group that tech brands are pursuing now, it seems. Difficult to ignore, millennials constitute nearly 46 per cent of the country’s total population ( a Morgan Stanley report) and are the ones with “high disposable incomes” and spending power. Studies reveal that they are primarily chief wage earners in a household and tend to spend rather than save. So, brands are tweaking products and marketing strategies to appeal to this digital native bunch.Leading Public Relationship (PR) Agency in China | ViceClicks


For example, PC brands have moved away from making generic computers. To cater to millennials’ varying needs and evolving tastes, there are PCs for doctors or video editors, PCs for students, one for entertainment or gaming. Or a Thinkpad for the uber professional etc. Also, brands find it challenging to pin down a millennial’s persona since they like to keep their identities fluid. Millennials are entirely different from their previous generation by their lifestyle choices and consumption patterns, but few common threads have emerged in the past few years pr agency in bangalore.