Setting up Your Chopper Bike For Painting

Following obtaining you custom painting manual manual, tools, paint plus equipments, the subsequent job is in order to dismantle the bike. Begin dismantling the chopper motorcycle using utmost accuracy. Though dismantling Best Motorcycle Cleaner , you should be quite cautious with wires linked to the motor bike.

Dismantling chopper motorcycle is not really challenging, if a person do it based to the tailor made painting manual guidebook. Remove only these components from motorbike, that you simply want to be able to re-paint, since several involving the men and women eliminate each and every single component from the motorcycle and find it challenging in order to assemble it later. You should really don’t forget even though dismantling your own chopper motorcycle, of which you have to assemble it. Simply by applying the fundamental tools kit, a person can quickly dismantle or assemble the chopper motorcycle. You need to gather every one of the huge or modest parts of your own chopper motorcycle quite carefully at typically the time of taking out your motorcycle.


Sanding is completed to eliminate the old paint through the dismantled components of chopper motor bike and to provide smooth and silky surface to color. The method of sanding is carried out by using yellow sand papers. Normally, right now there are two types of sand papers made use of in texturing approach of bikes, initial is rough sandpaper and second is definitely fine sandpaper. Tough sandpaper is utilized to get rid of the paint from the particular motorcycle and fine sandpaper is utilized to give smooth surface area to the new coloring. In the event the old car paint is remain about the motorcycle after that it could possibly trigger difficulty with typically the new paint. As a result, sanding is very crucial prior to an individual get started painting your current chopper motorcycle. Never attempt to steer clear of sanding simply because that is incredibly crucial for the lengthy lasting shine in addition to grace of new paint.

Sanding The Chopper Bike

Texturing a motorcycle does not require any specific expertise or skill. You will have to become cautious though deciding on the appropriate fullness of the sand paper (rough sandpaper and fine sandpaper). Sand papers along with grit form 600 to 1000 may be used, based after the roughness of your respective chopper motorcycle. 600 grit sand forms are utilised for the rough surface i actually. e. to get rid of the old fresh paint. 1000 grit yellow sand papers are applied for fine finishing from the motorcycle.

While sanding is certainly not a specialized task, but you have to be professional in judging the smoothness from the surface on which often you are likely to paint. Whenever you are choosing motorcycle sanding, an individual must be nicely prepared, as the folks who carry out such jobs will be on a regular basis exposed to dust (powder associated with old paint). Chances of finding dust particles in the eye and throat are pretty common. Hence, your should wear the safety tools. Swallowing these power products at times could possibly leads to lung tumor.

For the ultimate finishing of your chopper motorcycle, this is encouraged to be able to use 200 resolution sanding paper. Steady and sparkling area of the motorcycle is the reward involving right sanding. Employ 1200 grit damp and dry crushed stone paper to be able to color a metallic colour on your galet motorcycle.

Chemical Pole dancer for Sanding

In case you locate it tricky to remove this paint of the motorcycle with a new sand paper, after that you can likewise use chemical stripper. Apply the paint stripper pretty very carefully all over the particular motorcycle which has a paint brush.

Chemical male stripper can have an effect on the skin badly. As a result, you must wear security equipments though applying chemical stripper on your moto motorcycle.

How to Apply Chemical Stripper

You ought to cover up all the parts of your motor bike, that you simply want to be able to paint, with clean plastic sheet ( obtainable from any hardware shop), thus the vapors is going to be trapped inside and will operate much more quickly on the motorcycle. Right after covering the particular motorcycle components with the plastic bed sheet, than wait regarding the 2 in order to 3 hours plus take away the plastic sheet.

Now you can easily begin to piece off this color from the motorcycle with a putty knife or a paint scraper. Following applying stripping chemical on the motor bike components and retain the water apart from these components. If essential, use the stripping chemical substance once more. Under no circumstances make use of the chemical stripper in order to remove the outdated paint from the motorcycle element, while it can impact the body (metal) of your respective chopper motorcycle. Thus, sanding simply by sand paper is definitely the very best and even basic solution to get rid of old paint by motorcycle.

Wash the particular Components prior to You Start out Painting

Right after the sanding procedure, wash each in addition to every single part. Cleansing is required and even critical to eliminate the sanding powdered which is remaining after the texturing procedure. There are usually some persons who jump from layering straight to the bottom coat and might endure later, as if you begin with base layer with out washing this, then after completing the initially basic coat, you will certainly find small contaminants on it. Therefore, wash gently all of the components before an individual start painting.

For washing goal, you may use any typical cleaning soap or dishwashing detergents which are frequently available in the market place. You can also use a scrub or perhaps a difficult brush with these soap or cleaning soap. A scrub or even a hard brush will likely take away the old paint left throughout the sanding process. You can even use clean to wash motorcycle, yet under no circumstances use any kind of robust and chemically reacting cleaner which in turn can harm the particular physique (metal) of your chopper bike by beginning the rusting method. These forms of chemical cleaners contain a new chemical irritant which is recognized as Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Azure. Hence, it is encouraged to use frequent soap or perhaps dishwashing detergent to be able to wash your moto motorcycle before piece of art