Paddle Boards Comparison

Paddleboards can be one of the most enjoyable water sports you can participate in, and they are also one of the safest. In addition to being a fun and exciting activity, paddle boarding offers many health benefits. This activity will help build strength, improve muscle tone, and it can even help increase your cardio. If you are looking for a new form of exercise and a great way to get fit, consider taking up paddle boarding.

Stand up paddle boards differ from normal paddle boards in that they have no fins at the end. Fins on normal boards create a wider angle when the paddle is pushed across the water, which increases drag. Stand up paddle boards are propelled directly by a forward swimming motion with either their feet or legs on the board in the water.

Stand up paddle boards have two separate handles, rather than the typical three handles that are common on conventional paddle boards. The reason for this is to reduce drag and allow better control. These kinds of handles come in all different designs and materials. Some are made of durable plastics and are lightweight and portable. Others are made of high quality vinyl materials that are quite solid and comfortable. And then there are inflatable stands that are covered with heavy vinyl and are as solid as any other inflatable board.

Another benefit of paddle boarding is the ability to wear a dry suit underneath. Most people who paddle board do not wear a dry suit, but many people do enjoy wearing a dry suit in warmer weather. A dry suit is a great alternative to being completely submerged in water when using stand up paddle boards. It provides a much more stable and comfortable position while exercising and will keep you from getting sunburned, which happens much more frequently than you might imagine.

There are several main manufacturers of paddle boards including Kettler, Reef City, Hydroxy and Kustom. These companies generally produce stand up paddle boards based on the design they have been the most successful with in the past. Some are also very well known for producing durable inflatable sup boards that will stand up to the toughest water conditions. Most of these companies have extensive research and development teams that are constantly working on new designs and materials to improve the performance of their products. And, as you would expect, they keep their products available at good prices. Here are some of their stand up paddle boards and why they may be the best choice for your next trip or event:

Kettler – One of the most popular paddle boards is Kettler. They are known for having a long lasting and sturdy board that is easy to fold and pack up when you are done. Their durability is one of the reasons why they are a favorite among reviewers and frequent paddle boarders alike. They are also known for making good-quality inflatable paddle boards that have been tested under various water conditions.

Hydroxy – These are made by Hydroxy, a well-respected company that is known for producing excellent high quality boards. Their thickness is one of their biggest selling points. Paddle Boards is because of their unique “Pro Surf” feature. They offer extreme surfboard thickness which makes them great for rough and mature waters. Plus, their unique “Pro Surf” surface will help wade through puddles, ripples, and waves.

Reef City – This company is probably best known for their high-end, rigid Hydroxy boards. Their most famous product is the Outrigger, but they do produce some nice stable boards such as the Velocity and Palisade. One thing to note about Reef City is that their products tend to be a little bit more expensive than other paddle board companies. They use very high quality vinyl that is not easily damaged. Some of their most popular models include the Reef City Khystache and the Reef City Tramp.