Different Cake Box Singapore Forms

While cake box Singapore packaging may seem routine and boring compared to the delicious treats they hold within, they are far from useless. In fact, depending on their design, material and intent, they can provide a range of different functional benefits.


Common forms of cake boxes

Cake Box with Window

The paper box with the window offers you the preview to the tasty cakes and treats kept inside the box. The Cake Box with window lures every person to open package and have a piece of the tasty Cake.

The paper package with the window cut is manufactured with the device, and the plastic piece is pasted manually. It’s required to utilize the top notch paper board for package. The ITC paper board or the Imported Kraft Paper functions effectively for the box.

Fully-enclosed cardboard cake box

This is probably one of the most common sort of cake box. These boxes can be made from brownish cardboard or white milk board, commonly with a glossy external coating and a matte indoor surface. Some can have different covers while others have a flip lid that is linked to the rest of the box. They are available in a selection of dimensions to match practically any shapes and size of cake, and can additionally be utilized for pies and cookie cakes.

Cake Box Personalization

All the cake boxes stated above are adjustable based upon the need. You have the layered Cake. No worry you can obtain the personalized printed larger paper box.

Usually, the minimal order quantity begins with 2000 items for the bigger dimensions and 3,000 items for the smaller sized pastry boxes.

It takes upto 2 weeks in the production of the tailored cake box. The very first time the Die is readied for the style print. The reorders normally takes ten working days.


Additional Benefits

Can serve as present boxes

With the addition of a colourful bow, ornamental ribbons, and an uplifting gift card, your cake promptly develops into a special present inside its present box!

Can help with advertising and marketing

Cake boxes can aid advertise your brand by sporting your logo, or a vivid colour or appealing layout consistent with your brand.

Food safety concerns related to packaging materials

Item contamination as a result of existence of international items related to packaging bags could be a recurring scenario otherwise effectively addressed and managed with pre-requisite programs and plant workers dedication to food safety and security.

Areas with the highest possible danger of item contamination with plastic product packaging products include flour bins, scaling tools, mixers and open sharing devices (dough pumps and belt dough conveyors).

Improper disposal of packaging product from ingredients and additives might increase the danger for cross-contamination.