Charging Shipping on EBay Auctions

Calculating shipping charges on eBay isn’t difficult. You will need to have a digital scale though but they only cost around $10 at an office supply store. Once you have one, there are some things that you will want to do.

Weigh Your Item

You will need to weigh your item and then go to in order to determine how much the shipping price for the item will be. Make sure that you type in a zip code that is located really far away from you in order to allow for a worst-case scenario.

Check Out Your Competition

Run a search on eBay for items that are similar to what you are selling. Randomly choose about 10 different listings and write down how much they are charging for shipping. Make sure that you take a look at the seller’s DSR rating for “shipping fees” so that you can see if their customers feel as though they are charging too much for shipping. This will allow you to gauge how to set your own shipping fees. Simply take an average so that you will be in line with your competition.

Make Sure Your Shipping Fee Is Slightly More Than The Actual Charge

Since you will need to use certain supplies for shipping (i.e. bubble wrap, cushioning material, poly mailers) and spend time packaging the items and taking them to the post office, make sure to include a reasonable handling fee whenever you are calculating shipping charges on eBay

Offering Free Shipping

You may also want to consider offering free shipping. eBay will reward you for doing so by placing you at the top of the “best match” searches. Of course, you won’t actually be shipping the items for free. You will simply be tagging the price onto the item’s sales price. trucking business

Keep Track Of Shipping Charges Vs. Actual Cost

As you become more comfortable with your business, you will want to fine you’re your shipping charges on eBay. You will also want to get free supplies to use, learn how to ship packages both internationally and to military addresses and possibly even find an online shipping service to use.